Saturday, November 13, 2010

pride & prejudice & portraits

My gel eye liner has dried up, but an online tutorial says that if you soak the contained in hot water, it revives the condition of the gel. So I tried it out and it works again! I tried out this makeup tutorial for a dramatic eye, which you can see in the video I posted below. Quite dramatic indeed, but fun. It's smeared a little bit but that is nothing a q-tip can't fix.

Slept in again. Had some toast and tea. Revived my eyeliner. Put on a little bit.

Yoga had some good stretches. Though my knee is acting up. I just can't do the full frog pose. Hurts too much. It's odd how slow breathing yin type yoga moves a lot faster than the more active Thursday class.

Went home. Had some mac and cheese (left overs, one box makes three servings!). I did the full eyeliner look. Lotsa fun. Kristen and Mark came back with some new fish for the tank! There was four when I moved in, then three died, now four more have been added. Hurrah!

Karen picked me up at 7:20ish for her regular Get Stuff Done night. Evan and BT were working on mustache stuff. They were watching Pride and Prejudice. The six part Colin Firth kind. Haven't seen it in aaaages. I drew Evan and BT and then on the back of one of BT's reject "Measure Twice Cut Once" prints, I drew characters from Pride and Prejudice. Drew Darcy and Elizabeth and Lydia and Jane and Mr. Collins and that Billingsly girl. Whatever her name is. The picture of her turned out excellent and I think I'm going to turn it into a teeshirt. Best Pride and Prejudice shirt EVER. It was good portrait practice though. Drawing from moving, inconsistent reference. BT also drew Mr. Collins and his soppy floppy hair. We also watched an episode of Mighty Boosh. Dom came over a little before 10. It was a nice little time. Can't wait to scan the drawings. Karen drove me home. She said she would buy the paper if I made a print of one of my Pride and Prejudice drawings.

I think I'll do a 365 project next year. 365 Portraits. I should start making lists now of people. Theme months. "British Month" "Action Star Month" etc. Just so that I don't get to August and go "crap, now what?" The only problem is that I don't have a scanner readily available. And my computer doesn't have any technology on it that could edit scanned images and make them nice. But if I scanned in batches, just so long as I kept enough drawings that there wouldn't be huge gaps on a blog. You can also preprogram blog posts. So that I could input 10 days worth of posts and have it set up to post one of those 10 a day. So that if I kept a queue, then the scanner problems might not be so bad.

Anyway, semi productive day. Tomorrow I shall write up some stuff about things. Need to tweak my animation a bit more. Also come up with a proposal for final project. Advanced Illustration...shoot what is due in that again? Hmmmn.

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