Thursday, November 11, 2010

vanity, it ain't so bad

Ohh I've had so much sodium and carbohydrates today. Totally going to gnaw on vegetables tomorrow. And fruit.

Got up at 9, like some sort of miracle. And had a nice relaxing start. Except I rushed my makeup and the eyeshadow slid off in like an hour. It always comes off one eye. I think I need a primer or something. What's the point of going to the effort, if it just comes off? I wonder if it is connected to my occasionally watery eye that happens when I ride to school. It's annoying. I don't know what irks it. But yeah, establishing a base to show off my efforts. I went from nice bronze shadowed eyes to a minimal look during lunch (simple fix, just rubbed the eyeshadow off). But I had my lipstick in my bag, so I threw that on. Makeup is fun, when it works.

Anyway, enough about makeup.

Animation had a lecture about modern animation that utilizes loops and spot animation instead of animating whole chunks. We studied some Astro Boy and Ren & Stimpy. I had no idea that Ren and Stimpy were supposed to be a cat and a chihuahua. Heh. Helped Dom with his crossword. Had a corn dog and some potato wedges and sprite for lunch (didn't feel like my usual burrito). After lunch we did some more in AfterEffects. We learned how to animate a bouncing ball and to change the frame rate in motion paths and the scale and flex of certain things. Slipped on a pool of water in the commons during break. Just landed lightly on my knee. Bleh. We looked at our lip syncs. Mine looked really small compared, but I think it was the only one that was rendered to proper scale. That is: mine was two megabytes in file size and everyone elses was about 150. For 3-6 seconds of animation. Yeah.

Our final assignment is an animation of our choosing. Naturally we are to use the techniques we have learned in class. I'll probably do something hand drawn with the peg bar. I was thinking maybe doing a mock makeup tutorial or something. I think it would be fun and humorous. One half my advice, one half my failure (a few weeks ago I jabbed my eye with a makeup brush). Needs some more thinking about, but basically the parameters are "fun". Maybe make a little looping track in garage band.

We got out early. I wandered around. Got some Pellegrino and Smart Puffs and sunflower seeds. Went on the internet. In Advanced Illustration it was portfolio review and "look up inspiration for mailers" time. For Print Only (http://www.underconsideration.com/fpo/) is a really cool site that showcases some spectacular print design. I think I'll work with folding some more...hmmn.

Oh, also during lunch I picked up a small wire bound sketchbook and a new (not yet exploded) .01 micron pen. I intend to fill it up entirely with portraits (it's only 24 pages). And once it is full, I'll turn it into a poster. Amazingly, from the first drawing at 6pm, to the last at around 11 pm in Yur's, I amassed ten portraits! And good ones too. I mean, they should be good...I'm doing my thesis on them. I did Beth, Cotey, Madeline, Karen, Dom, Jon, Mel, James J., Diana, and Kristen. I'm really happy with Kristen and Jon's. Dom also drew me in my sketchbook. Pretty cool stuff.

So yeah, we went to Yur's. As usual. I had one beer. Dom, Jon, Karen, Kristen, Mel, Jim, James J. Leo, and Danny were all there. Some stayed longer or were in other booths. Kristen accidentally dropped her umbrella behind the booth, and when Dom was helping fish it out, he found a plastic bag full of beauty samples! There were little toner samples, moisturizer, cleanser, and so much more. Karen thought it as gross, but since they are still sealed and no sign of tamper is evident, we kept them (we meaning Kristen and I, and Mel grabbed a handful as well). Score! I pitched in on some fries, James got some tots. A nice lady came over to see my drawings and said how good I was and when I said I was working on a portrait project, she said "good you should do this for your work!". It was nice encouragement and also that she talked to me out of a table of about six artists. I also pointed out what everyone else was doing. James and Dom were collaborating, as was Karen and Kristen.

Walked home with Kristen. Now I'm just chilling out. Literally. It is cold. It isn't supposed to go above 55 for a while. Have my heavier blanket though, and everything is snug. I'll just finish watching Terriers and then tuck in to bed. I'm cutting down on some of my regular internet haunts, and it has opened up a lot of free time. And by free time I mean "reasonable sleeping hours". I need to be more proactive in getting up and getting on with things.

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