Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Feeling tired, so I think I might take the "read a chapter of Packing for Mars and go to bed early route" instead of staying up. I was pretty productive last time I woke early on a Tuesday.

Had some oatmeal and tea. Watched Bored to Death. Traded my alarm for one that worked at Ace Hardware. Now it reads time like it ought, and doesn't count forward in five minute intervals. It was cold and went and I was under warmed. Thankfully I have a coat in my studio for such under prepared occasions.

Dropped a DVD off in the library and went to the computer lab to work on my animation. The lip sync actually went pretty well. I think there might have been a way of doing it without having 28 layers of images, but I didn't know it. Then I wasn't sure what was due, so I exported all the frames as images, and traced over the outlines of the key images, and copy and pasted them into the sync of the animation and put that to the bit of Somewhere Over the Rainbow that I had to do. This is easily summed up, but it took a long long time to do for just four seconds worth of animation. But I'm happy with it. I'd like to show you but the video has the song in it, and the song is copywritten...yeah. I'll export a version without the song.

My stomach gurgling for food, I bid adieu to my illustration buddies and went home. Finished my leftovers, gnawed on some salami, ate an apple. Watched House and Lie to Me and worked on drawings to be put into my slide show. Little cartoons and title text. Gotta scan and color those in tomorrow. Also have to work on the proposal writing stuff. Feeling weirdly tired though, so I think sleep is the best option right now.

Oh, Tabitha brought over some great pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that her mother made. They are FANTASTIC! And the perfect thing to consume because my teeth are tender from all the sugar. Once agan.

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