Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My new alarm works. It works really well. Had a slow start, but the morning was very successful. Had scrambled eggs with the last of my onion and some hash browns and tea. Delicious. Then I got to filling out the rest of my writing. I went down to the basement storage and hauled out my sweaters and coats and long johns and an extra blanket. Didn't really intensely go through my clothes, I'll do that over the next five days. Showered, dressed, and went to school to scan. I put on my white heeled pointy boots. My power boots. For confidence. Scanning and dropping the images into my slide show didn't take all that long. Chatted to Jon and Mel and Dom a bit.

In class I volunteered to go first. My reading directly from an essay presentation ran about eight minutes. My main critique was that I went too fast. I need to get on that poster that gives a feeling of the thesis, because right now I don't have any solid images that give the feeling of the poster. The sketches for the project part are not how I want to do it all. But Martin said my flow and articulation was good. I need to figure out my slide pacing a little bit. I think the process explanation could be improved. But right now I am in an excellent place to be with two weeks to practice. Need to get to note cards. Need to get that poster.

I think I've done more on my animation than was due. And nothing is due in Professional Practices! I think it might be an early night or something. Whaaaat. Who is on top of it? I'M ON TOP OF IT!

Also Karen's Davy Crockett poster looks great.

We were unable to get through everyone's slide shows. Jon's had font issues, but it was good. He is doing a sort of fantasy horror journal from the 19th century. Nicole's ran 20 minutes. Jennifer's was pretty solid last week, it was just more improved this week. Dom has changed his thesis up totally. Which is good, because all he wants to do is draw and he should do that. Jeff is doing propaganda poster design. Chase needs more artwork in his, because he has an amazing portfolio of concept design. Sivonna's is tidying up nicely. She is doing character product design. Think Hello Kitty but with a one eyed owl from space instead. Leo is doing fear of technology. Looks good. I totally hijacked Tyler Stout as a style influence from him. Hhahah. Anyway. Kevin is doing a thesis about a sort of religious perception about what it means to be a man. Something like that.

I also think I need to talk more about mantra. I have a lot of talk about free posters. Not enough about what they are about. I'll do a video practice some time.

But yeah, I feel really good. In a good place. Hopefully this feeling lasts.

Yoga was smaller than usual. Got home, realized that I left my wallet behind. Rode back and it was in my studio. Rode back and on the way home there was a GORGEOUS 57 Chevy Belair. It was a thing of beauty. Shiny. Great looking condition. Some day...some day I will have one. It is a good goal to work to. I'll learn manual! (I don't even care if they are good cars to drive).

Back home, I watched Raising Hope and Glee. Well, I watched them on my computer. Kristen was asleep on the couch and Tabitha was doing something on her laptop in the kitchen. So didn't feel like watching the television. Great episode of Glee. And Raising Hope.

I can't believe it is 11:26. I have nothing due that I'm aware of. I probably won't be dead tired, like I usually am, tomorrow!

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