Friday, November 12, 2010


These are some Wolf Suschitzky photos that I dig. Some filler content.

Now that it is getting cold, staying in a warm bed is such the better option.

Low food stock. Went to Trader Joe's. Got seaweed snacks, Mac n Cheese, milk, salad, apples, bread, juice, candy cane joe joe's....I love them seaweed snacks. I should try wrapping it around rice.

Oh, speaking of Trader Joe's: news just broke that it is coming to Silverdale! It will occupy the old Circuit City. It doesn't have the construction permit yet. That will be excellent! No more Fred Meyers or Ralph's Red Apple. Cheaper, better, slightly Communist(because they pretty much only have their brand, so if you want four cheese sauce, you either get it or you don't) groceries for all! So great.

The new season of Misfits started. Excellent first episode. Glad that the character Nathan, who ended up being immortal, got hauled out of the coffin he was accidentally put in when they thought he died in the last season. Hehehh. Community was funny. Fringe was okay. It is building to something great though.

Had some mac and cheese. And salad. And tea. My teeth are feeling better.

Not the most active day. Tomorrow I'll do some stuff. I don't like drawing portraits straight from photographs. Yoga. Return some books. Or renew them. Yeah probably renew.

Put up my Christmas list on the right side of this here blog. Sweaters and socks and a camera with more than three megapixels.

I have the snuffles. Boo. Need to stay warm. Think I'll get into bed and read.

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