Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm more of a teal beret

Went to William Temple House to see what their winter layers were like. Got a shirt, a London Fog brand suede jacket with removable lining (a girl needs more than two winter coats), and this sweet beret for eighteen bucks. All together I mean. I think I'll remove the pin and put in a pin that is more "me" and less...army.

Turns out Samala never got my message about meeting up. But I did get up early and all that jazz. Didn't really do much though. Went down to the studios. Wrote Jay a letter. Went to Yur's with Karen. Worked on the letter. Chatted girl talk. Listened to these four CRAZY WOMEN who were very loud and crazy. They were not credits to the species, I tell you what. Went back to the studios. Jon came over from his side and we talked and drew.

And now, nearing midnight, my mind has gone into "work on art" mode. Fff stupid. Should have been more productive. Tomorrow has stuff planned and lined up. Solid plans keep me working. Without them, I meander through the day till it gets to the "well, too late to slack any more" stage. All though I still have yet to pull an all nighter. I still am on top of things a bit.

Also I joined Mint.com. I like their bar graph. Helps me keep track of things. It's pretty cool, I must say.

Had some egg salad sandwich for late lunch. Should eat something more soon. Keep my energy going.

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