Thursday, November 18, 2010


Decided to go ahead and get a ticket home for Thanksgiving. The pressure is piling up, and a break would be nice. I feel like I'm in a good spot right now. Got the late train on Wednesday and I'm going back Saturday afternoon. It will be good to have a whole day before focus week to gnaw on my fingernails and freak out.

My final animation project will be a mini animated video for Odd Owl! Hurrah!

By the way, a ton of storm drains in my area are clogged (some day the new pavers covered it up by accident, which is stupid. Covering it up I mean). So when it ran furiously, and I mean real horrible ran all day long, soaking the poor art students, the streets were steeped in water. Sucked.

We looked at some complicated video tricks before lunch. McClaren. This person's film

So cool.

Lunch! I scanned stuff and then wrote up and printed stuff. Then I had 10 minutes to grab lunch, so I got some flavorless Safeway sushi and perrier and nutrigrain bars. Lunch of lazy people. We had more AfterEffects, except this time I got it! Made stuff spin. Batched stuff. Then we met with the teacher to present our final projects. Then it was work time.

When class was over, I worked on my promotional mailer. Then it turned out sketches were not even due! Now I'm ahead with a good idea though. We had this guy Garth teach us instead, from Nemo design. Cool guy. He showed us his work and talked extensively about various design projects (maybe a little too extensive). Then we broke for class and I got the train tickets. Back in class he continued, showing us and talking through promotional materials. Got some good ideas. I think I'll silk screen a mailer onto chipboard. A quick little design. Could have some potential.

Despite the rain, Karen, Kristen, Beth, Leo, Danny and I went to Yur's. Gabbed about Harry Potter and thesis and asked what questions might be asked. Kristen drew some great drawings of us all. I ordered some tots. It was still raining on the way back home. Streets have so much water on them. It is ridiculous. Got back. Chilled. Now I am feeling like I'm going to pass out now I am really really tired.

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