Tuesday, November 16, 2010

needle felting! ouch my thumb

I tacked on a shirt order onto BT's shirt order. So there will be some Christmas shirts! Three bucks for 10 is much better than 4-5 bucks for miscellaneous second hand ones.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast! Yumm!

Still trying to get my gel liner to be fluid. This time tried microwaving it (internet totally said this as fine to do) and it became really soft, but by that time, my eyeliner brush was gunked up. Still did a dramatic eye, but not the look I wanted to attempt. Boo.

At school there was this life skills thing going on in the commons. Tutorials in hair extensions, making your own cheese, forming a band, identifying passive aggressive speech patterns, needle felting, planned parenthood, and much more! I went to Taryn's passive aggressive one and Kami's needle felting. Needle felting is pretty much just stabbing wool with a barbed needle until it knots and tangles into a form. I found the process very rewarding and therapeutic. We were allowed to take wool samples.

Before the workshops, I scanned in my portrait sketches and Pride and Prejudice drawings. After the workshops, I met Samala in the computer lab and we both practiced our proposals. Neither of us knew what the other was exactly doing, so we got a good fresh take and gave feedback to one another. Samala is making an animation about our dependence on technology. It is looking pretty cool. She is at 7 minutes. I am at 9. I'm now switching over to cards. I think with cards, I should slow down. I also need to edit my slide show now that the format is changing.

I worked on my give away poster layout. I just remembered I have a bunch of tan paper in my studio that I can use for the poster. Whoo, don't have to buy! It will be a bit smaller, but it is more a format example than a piece to include in my thesis. Anyway, worked on photoshop. At five Dominic showed up and Sivonna, Jon, and I listened to his proposal. Dom has switched to doing art about neurosis. It is late in the game to change, so he is doing a lot of catch up work. But it ill come together and be awesome.

At 6:15 I went to find Knit/Purl and got some needles and wool to needle felt with. As I said, very therapeutic. Even if my left thumb and pointer finger are totally chewed up by the needle. It is fun to just construct abstract 3D shapes that are totally the opposite of what I do.

House was fairly good, Lie to Me was good enough, and Weeds has gone through some great character development.

I'm going to finish writing up my note cards. Write out some mantras. And go to sleep. Because I'm tired. And getting up early on Tuesday has been working out really well for me.

Wearing dramatic makeup, or a showy piece like white boots or a funky patterned shirt, gives me some sort of self confidence. Maybe if I feel like I am putting on a show, I feel more confident speaking. Being fabulous brings out courage.

I posted all the portraits I have done thus far on Facebook, and three people changed their profile pictures to my art work. Got some good positive responses, and these are just sketches! I can't wait to really experience portraiture.

I also can't wait to come home for Christmas and quilt some more and listen to audio books all day. I like crafty things, though I don't stick with them for long periods of time. I have all the good quilting gear, it just never seems like a "time" to quilt.

I also registered for class. Writing with Handwerg, Advanced Studio 2 with Kristin, Thesis whatever. Remember when registering was a big deal? Actually...this is my last time ever to register at PNCA. I'm done after this. I'm done with college after this(till I get a MFA, if that ever happens). I will have a degree. I will have a career. Seven long years of college are coming to an end next year.

2011. It is right there. Waiting for me.

I really, really hope it will be better than 2010. Though that won't be a hard thing to accomplish.


I'm ready for 2010 to be over. I looked back to what my first post was of this year and it is titled "this is going to be a good year". It was a big year, but I don't think I'd call it a good one. I don't talk about some of the more intense emotional things that happen in my life here. Some things are private, especially when they involve other people. But enough people who are reading these words, and they know what this year has entailed for me. So I thank you for your love and kindness.

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