Friday, November 19, 2010

early and done with

I still feel really tired, even though I got a good amount of sleep. My energy levels are all out of whack.

Bacon, eggs, tea.

Anyway, turned in my mentor and panel forms. Karen was a bit behind in her printing, so I mostly sat and talked to BT and needle felted till yoga started. Good old yoga. Lots of long poses and stretching and breathing.

I exposed Karen's screens when I came back and she and BT took a food break and she treated me to a beer. Tomorrow we are meeting at 11, and I'll hound her and we'll print print print. She was trying to say 2pm, but as I said "if you start early, you'll finish early, and you won't be working late". BT agreed and Karen agreed to start earlier. Hurrah! Sat with Cherish, Isaiah, and Sandra at Yur's. At 6:45 I left, hopped on my bike, and went to see Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest at Cinema 21.

The theater was pretty crowded, which is a nice feeling. Nice because it is full of movie enthusiasts who enjoy film. As for the film, it was a perfect wrap up to the trilogy. It wasn't as emotionally gripping or tense as the first or second film. It wrapped stuff up, but I wouldn't call it stand alone. It was mostly political and court drama type stuff. Nice filming, sure. It just never had the feeling that things wouldn't come out all right. Which they did. Spooooiilllers: all the bad guys got arrested or are in jail. So it was good, an end to the series, just not phenomenal.

Now I'm home. About to make a list of things to accomplish and in what order. Writing early, so I'm not writing late. Plus I'm tired, and as I'm forcing Karen into action tomorrow and then later, at 3pm, getting together with my illustration homies to practice....yeah. An early night might serve my body better.

Oh, the rough draft of Focus Week came out. I am proposing on Monday. At 3pm. The "get it out of the way" day. Which I'm pretty happy with. It keeps me on top of things NOW instead of later. Robin, Madeline, and Amanda are in the same spot though, which sucks. At least I'll be able to spend most of the week relaxing and cheering on my friends. And working on animation.

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