Saturday, November 27, 2010

getting tense, here it comes

Less than 72 hours till I've proposed. Eeek. I'm starting to feel the tension. Next two days will take a lot of work. Kurt sent me a good message about an artist to look into and that he likes my idea. Kurt is one of my panel members and a mainstay of the illustration faculty. Nice guy, he was part of the summer pre-college intensive program that I took part in in 2006.

Anyway, got up before noon! Whoo! Had a cinnamon roll and poached egg with melted cheese on toast. Yum!

Nathan and Ma returned, and we decided to go get a Christmas Tree from Kunie's! It probably took longer to get ready for the trip than it did to find the tree. It was about the fourth one we looked at, and it was quite good. Also, the day broke 40 degrees and it rained so nothing was icy and a lot of the snow was gone. Hurray!

The tree was perfectly in between lots of branches and space between branches for ornaments to hang. Dad sawed the bottom and I pulled on it so that the saw wouldn't pinch.

When we got back, we had a reprise turkey luncheon. As the typical modern family, we watched stuff on Youtube for a while. Then we started decorating the tree. Next year we need to get another strand of lights. Two is not enough. We crammed so many ornaments on. it is magnificent! Ma queued up Community for Nathan to watch. Great show.

After ornaments, we got in the hot tub! Whoo! Then we decided to catch the 9:25 showing of Harry Potter. But first: Bananagrams! A game. I won. Whoo!

It was probably one of the best Harry Potters. Great filming, great acting. I don't remember much of the book (besides the fact that the forest traveling was booooring) so it wasn't stale. The animated story telling bit was beautiful. It was good. I can't believe that after so many years and all the fandom, there is only one Harry Potter film left.

Late night drive home. I quickly documented my comic.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention last night was that we were playing "I Spy With My Little Eye..." and Nathan said he spied something that began with H. Which ended up being "Hybrid". After 15 minutes of us guessing and Nate acting like we were fools, he remembered we were in the Contour. Not the Prius. There fore he did not spy a hybrid. Not at all.

Return to Portland tomorrow. Eeeek.

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