Monday, November 22, 2010

I may be double sided, but I'm not a double crosser

It's getting cold. Lots of surrounding areas are getting snow. I'm just at rain right now. Since our heating bill doesn't bounce, our space heater keeps the apartment very snug. Kristen is even in shorts, it is so warm. I'm in long johns, jeans, and a shirt. It is comfy.

Printing! Hurray! Had my breakfast and left. Printed out my images to print. Emulsified the screens. I was unable to print some teeshirts because the ink in the studio discourages use on fabric. I'll borrow some from Dominic.

But I got my two color poster side printed! Just a little 8 1/2x14 image. Compact. Easy. Printed in no time at all. Just piled them up next to me on the desk. The best part of being non archival, non edition, and non picky is that if something gets smudged: it isn't the end of the world! My thesis may not end up being the most perfect rendered thing, but it will have heart and enthusiasm.

Anyway, listened to Girl Who Played with Fire while doing all that. Pimped my proposal. Explained Karen's scratch board process to Israel.

It was pretty much dark by the time I was finished, but it gets dark at 4 it seems. Still snug, I showed off my mini posters. Talked to Karen and Dom and Jon. Then went home. Fried up some bacon and an egg.

Then decided to add another layer and go see 127 Hours! It wasn't a bad bike ride, but I was wearing three layers....the movie was INTENSE! It was great. Franco as Aron, the canyoneer who gets trapped when his hand is wedged and crushed by a boulder, was a brilliant performance. For being mostly one guy in one place throughout, it never lost intrigue. Danny Boyle has a great sense of shot composure. I loved it. I did have to cover my eyes when it got to the part where he CUT HIS ARM OFF WITH A DULL KNIFE AND IT WAS GORY AND SOUND EFFECTY AND OOHHH MY GOOOD INTENSE. True story about the canyoneer. Kinda made me want to road trip a bit. The title refers to the amount of time he spent trapped, before cutting off his arm. Good performance, good movie.

Went back home. Had some macaroni and cheese. Queued up my night tellie. I took out a big sheet of paper and planned the next eight days. Because in eight days, I'll have completed my thesis proposal.

But no, I feel like I'm in a really good place. It is touching up. It is practice. It is memorizing. It is getting words down. I'm half way done with the other side of the free giveaway poster. Not sure what I want to put in the fine print.

Tomorrow's schedule:
-record myself proposing
-transcribe the oral proposal into a new essay
-edit that essay
-finish text
-practice at school at 5:30
-print poster
-print shirts
-go home
-work on animation
-fold posters

And that is it. I don't like to over schedule and try to get everything done in one day. Tuesday is redocumentation of my comic. And class. And yoga. And maybe helping Karen some more. And Raising Hope. And animation. Wednesday is animation. And then going home. Thursday is turkey day. Friday is redo note cards (which I might end up doing tomorrow and then redoing friday and maybe redoing Sunday) and practice and working on the abstract. Saturday is back to Portland. Sunday is practice. Monday is thesis.

And that is my next week. A lot of stuff, but a far from impossible schedule. You know what would be an impossible schedule? If I was full time! I don't get how people can do it. Well, they probably sleep less than I tend to. I'm getting fairly regular full nights rests.

Walking Dead was great. I don't know who had the bright idea that it should only have a six episode first season. Only two episodes left now! Boardwalk Empire is phenomenal! Fantastic hats everywhere! Dexter was okay.

I'll probably do some shopping early tomorrow. Food stuffs. Get some beef for hearty breakfast scrambles. And eggs. And apples.

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