Sunday, November 21, 2010

task mastered

Waking up is such a drag. Anyway, washed my hair. I am noticing improvements with the new conditioner. I kinda wanna get a haircut though, just to trim out some of the split ends. It's at the point where it can take an inch off and still be long. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. After I'm done at school, I'll go to Bishops and get a cut. All though that means spending money. I keep thinking up ways to spend money. No! My hair can grow a little longer. I need to buy groceries. Food!

Anyway, I kept my eye on Karen's schedule and we started printing at 11am. Like I said, she wanted to do 2pm. But I insisted we do it earlier. In no time at all Pecos Bill was complete! Two colors. Done. Zip. Whoo. Yeah. And it was good that I encouraged her to be at school, because her sister, husband, niece, and family friend came into town for a surprise! The niece is an adorable widdle baby. Karen finished up, I went to the computer lab and finished my digital editing.

At 3:15ish Dom, Morgaine, Jon, and Sivonna showed up to practice. I ran through mine. Got some good feedback from Morgaine. Dom went, his was more flushed out and good. Morgaine's is very interesting and has such a wealth of art in the slide show. Jon's was very concise. Sivonna's charm is showing through. A good little practice run. The next step is to record myself talking about the thesis and then writing down what I say and working on that. I need to reconstruct the essay based around what I know. It is really coming along.

After that, I did some more digital stuff and scanning. I was planning to print but the library was closed, and so I couldn't print off the images needed to print. So I went home. Ate food. Watched some stuff. Listed what I need to accomplish (slide show, animation, printing). Did two loads of laundry.

Tomorrow I am going to go print the two color miniposter for my thesis. And my Pride and Prejudice teeshirt. Then I'll probably cave and treat myself to a haircut or something. Or maybe I'll be good and go home and do grocery shopping. Work on my essay. Then go see 127 Hours, the new Danny Boyle movie. Yeah. I'd rather do that than get a haircut. I can let it grow.

But yeah, printing. Practicing. Animating.

Congrats to Cherish and Isaiah! Them be engaged now! Eeee! They are a great couple.

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