Tuesday, October 26, 2010

love love love raising hope

Woke up, woke up with good time to spare. Forgot to hit the snooze once and then lost all that good spare time I had built up. Dang. Oh well.

Showered, put a hat over my hair, dashed out the door one layer too little, grabbed the spare blazer in my studio, and went to student council. The yoga intensive was tabled. I got some free food. And then meandered about for two hours waiting for the print lab to open up. It was crowded and the print lady (JP left) looked frazzled. I got some paper that I may not end up needing.

It was cold but not so rainy.

For the first half of class Martin talked more about client negotiations and what is to be expected for next week. It is slide show time. It is getting the focus week presentation together time. HOLY CRAP IT IS GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER. And I don't vlog, I should vlog more. But not now. My hair looks gross.

Anyway, during break I went and printed my portfolio for the review. I bought some of the paper they had on hand in the lab, but I accidentally put one sheet in backwards, so it didn't print as nice. But it is just for review. It isn't the final portfolio. For that, I'll spend a little more time and intention. Martin dug it. We talked a little more one on one. Things are good in my mind. He hasn't expressed any concerns. I just need to make brilliant art.

Class ended and I dropped my stuff off at the studios. Chatted with a snuffly Karen. Then yoga! Lots of leg stretches and stuff. Then some balance. Class wasn't as jam packed as last week. It even got out a little early, so I powered back home and caught Glee! That episode had a lot of hype, so the part I was unfamiliar with (Meat Loaf cameo!!) gave me the most excitement. Still, good episode. Those this season doesn't have much plot to progress. Kinda spent it all in the first one. Then two back to back episodes of Raising Hope! I love this show so much. I laughed heartily.

Now I'll do some sketching and get to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm tired of being dead all Wednesday long.

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