Thursday, October 28, 2010

had some fun, still have to do the work

Another school week draws to a close. And another five days need to be strategically planned.

But first, animation! I got a good night sleep and was not exhausted through the day. Go me. No tea either. We had an After Effects demo for the first chunk. I accidentally got my cursor changed into a different function and that set me back. I got the animation sorted, but I'm not a fan of the program.

Got me some Quizno's for lunch, and then chatted with Samala and April. It is so weird not knowing AT ALL what the other class is doing. Unless we talk to them.

Back in class was a sound lecture. I'm not so enthused about sound. I'm not a good listener. Also our next assignment was handed out. I'm a little confused about it, but I'll track down the assignment sheet. Manipulating frames or something or other. After break, it was critique time! There were some really cool things. Tippi was phenomenal. We saw mostly all of everyones, so I kinda forget a lot of it. Class ended.

Break time! Went to the class room. Sketched. Scanned. In class it was the portfolio review by three non-PNCA editor type people. We set up the portfolios and chilled for a bit. We broke up into three groups, and the three reviewers would swap. Kristen, Beth, Karen, Madeline and I were one group. Karen had a brand table set up, Beth had a print out, Madeline had a nice binder with inserts, and Kristen had a plastic portfolio with inserts. And I had my fold out.

From the review I learned that I still need to do a book type portfolio. For meetings the folder just isn't professional. I need to edit and make it more cohesive. They liked the format and all three agreed that it would be a more exciting thing to receive in the mail. So I know how I'll edit it. Mostly cutting out a bunch of stuff, and making some things larger. Might edit the gratuitous self portraits (there are more than enough, but that is me being silly and I should be professional). Sucks that I'll have to do a book after spending this much time on the fold out, but hey! I have the mailer already finished.

They loved Madeline's, as they should. They were a little baffled but encouraging about Karen's. Beth and Kristen's got some organization comments but they tended to like them. All in all, pretty good. Class ran late.

Dom, Karen, Josh, Janessa, and myself went to Yur's for a beer. I spaced out while Karen and Dom talked about Star Wars and tattoos. Went home. Can't be bothered to come up with proper lists. Animation something something, slide show, finish up portfolio, Halloween costume finishing touches, uhhmmm that other thing?

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