Tuesday, October 26, 2010

cabinet of curiosities

For most people, being done by midnight would be sort of a late night, but for me it is perfect! I can get up, go to school, and have a comfortable amount of time to do all my stuff (in theory). No worries. I'm so freaking set for things! Yeah!

I even accidentally slept in. I was awake at 10, even got out of bed to get a glass of water. And then I got back in bed...yeah. This non twin bed will be my undoing. Three years of just decent sleeping has been replaced by near perfect sleep. Yeah.

Had my standard four parter breakfast. I almost have the timing down perfectly. Turn on the kettle, put the bread in the toaster but don't put push the lever down just yet. Fry up the bacon. Beat the eggs while the bacon is cooking. The water should come to a boil some time, so make tea. When the bacon is almost done, toast the bread. Remove bacon and drain the fat. Scramble eggs. Put eggs next to bacon. Toast should pop up. Butter toast, put next to bacon and eggs. Remove tea bag. Enjoy and be sated for a long while.

Now I am out of bacon. And eggs. Blah.

I drew the cover for my portfolio, it could use some perfecting but it works as a better place holder for now. Wrote up the text as well, but I ended up not using it. Partly because Georgia worked fine once I tweaked it (unclear what the type Georgia looks like? Well it is what I use for my blog. I love it). But I didn't have time to scan it all in before the Print Portfolio meeting.

Every year the print department puts together a print portfolio. It is open to anyone who has (or is enrolled in) done a level 300 printmaking course, or honorary invitees like Lacey who makes beautiful reductive woodblock prints. Anyway, this year I decided to take part. The meeting was for size and theme. It was decided to be 10"x10". You can get six prints out of one sheet of standard printmaking paper, which is good when it comes to buying enough paper to do an edition of, say, 45. The theme was whittled down from cabinet of curiosities, aquatic life, chronology, body parts, and botany to cabinet of curiosities. A pretty good theme, really open to interpretation. Exciting!

Oh did I mention the rain? Yeah, I got nice and wet on the way down to school and not a minute later when I emerged from the studio, where I stowed my bike, it had stopped. Drat!

Anyway, meeting over I googled how to get from PNCA to Madeline's. Luckily the 77 stop was close. So I got on that, transferred to the 12 on Sandy. It was raining again and I got nice and wet while getting my umbrella out. Boo. I prematurely hit the stop button and apologized to the bus driver for jumping the gun. It had stopped raining for the walk to Madeline's. Last Movie Monday I went to, I was in shorts and my leg was gnarly from hitting the pavement, and it was sunny on my way there. This time it was dark, and cold, and three layers were not enough. Madeline made me a quesedilla. I wasn't expecting to arrive on time, but I did.

The movie was Aliens, which is a great action film. I nibbled on M&Ms and kicked back and enjoyed the film on her amazing television. Great great movie. Dried off. Madeline gave me a lift back to school (where my bike was). I also asked if it would be all right if I Trick or Treated with her on Sunday, and she said YES! Whoo! Yay for friends with younger siblings.

I scanned the portfolio stuff in, and dropped it into InDesign. Printed it out. Liked how it looked. Adjusted a couple things. Liked it even better. Left the library at 11:40. Talked to Jon at the front desk. Went home. Whoo! Done!

Tomorrow I'll go to student council, so that means getting out of the house before 1pm. This will make Wednesday a little easier because I'll probably be tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Whoo! These five days went by fast. Probably because I did something each day, instead of doing a lot of nothing. I need to list what needs to be finished for my costume. Glasses and spraypaint the Nerf for sure.

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