Friday, October 29, 2010

formaldehyde face

Thursday: designated bunking off from responsibilities day.

Ate my oatmeal (need to make another Trader Joe's trip). Watched They Live for costume prep. Went to William Temple House for costume finishing. Picked up a shirt that works better than the one Karen is loaning me, as well as a tank, two belts, and a super comfy gray BDG hoodie. Always something good at William Temple. No glasses though. So we walked to Goodwill. No sunglasses there either! We shared some Skinnidip frozen yogurt because neither of us have had it. I got about four brain freezes. Then we went to Walgreen's. They had some "close enough, can't be bothered to look around more" glasses. It's weird, the shirt I got is XXL but it fits pretty well. Maybe it is designed to be tight, so someone like me who favors loose shirts would buy it larger.

It was misty rainy. Went back home. Did laundry. Ate a tuna sandwich. Watched a hilarious episode of Community. And made a four day work list. It isn't so bad, so long as I keep to it. And there is plenty of room for "chilling out".

Put on my costume bits. It is looking good. Just need to spray paint the gun and I am ready to kick some 1988 butt at BT, Karen, and Phil's shindig. All the cool kids are going, sure to be a riot.

Friday. Go to Trader Joes. Go to Ace Hardware and get spray paint. Paint gun. Yoga. Animation. I don't know how much animation I will do, but I will get a start on it.
Saturday. Go to the special animation showing at Cinema 21. Some of the shorts may be up for Oscars. Finish up animation. Halloween PAAARTTYYY!
Sunday. Work on the portfolio (get it finished, shouldn't take long). Work on slide show (eek should take a while, I'll bring my audiobooks with me, almost finished with The Strain). Work on the write up for my thesis. The page or so about it.
Monday. Print my portfolio. Double sided. Tricky. Work on slide show. Work on pieces for advanced illustration.
Tuesday. Turn in stuff. Work on advanced illustration some more.
Wednesday. Turn in animation. Relax. Turn in piece and portfolio. Relax some fore.
Thursday. Do nothing. As it will be Thursday again, before I even know it.

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