Thursday, October 14, 2010


Don't know why I'm still up but okay, here goes.

Got up. Got to school. Had to scan and print. Realized I forgot what I had to print at home. Dang.

Anouck gave a lecture and we watched some Frank Mouris films. Our next assignment is a found object self portrait. Don't quite know what I'll do for it, but I'll figure something out.

Got my picture from home and scanned it and grabbed some Chipotle. It was delicious. Kelly and I had a good conversation about eating a burrito with a fork to protect the integrity of the tortilla and how just shoving it in your mouth destroys the form. Yeah. Back in class we broke to critique. After sleeping on it, my mermaid animation turned out well. The stress was messing with my mind I guess. Yeah. After critique was break. TJ and I chatted about food preparation. Back in class we looked at the first half of Hedgehog in the Fog using our scene breaks downs to analyze it. Even pouring over the film shot by shot, it was still amazing to watch. After that we did a group reading of sorts. Like, we all read the same paragraphs and then talked in groups and then presented the core ideas. It was one of those heavy worded things. Then the writer got on some tangent about how good public transit makes poor people even poorer. It was an interview so it had a lot of ideas, but was light on details.

With class over, I gathered up my package design and headed to the computer lab to work on my portfolio. It actually got thrown together pretty well. I'm forming a good base to start from. Karen and I giggled and joked while waiting for class to start. In class we glanced at our projects. Not really a formal critique again (which I like, because at this point it is sort of too late). They liked my shirt. Kristen gave us a lecture on how to face problems when we get stuck in art making, and then gave us an InDesign demo and then it was work time. And I got some good progress! Have some stuff to do by next week, including getting the better print resolution files into the file.

I chilled with Karen in the studios afterward and then at 10pm we went to Yur's for a quick drink and girl talk. The design cronies were there, as were some print people. Jim joined us later on. I just had one drink, kept it casual. At 12:30 I biked home. Whoo weekend! Need to do better about getting a jump on things. But first I think I need to tidy apartment. My room looks like a disaster area.

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