Tuesday, October 12, 2010

people I love

Slept in a bit longer than planned, well...I stayed in bed for a while. I was awake, just day dreaming and thinking.

Then I had some tea. Waited a while for Kristen to be done in the shower. Got cleaned up. Grabbed a bag of salad, some raisins, and some ranch dressing in Tupperware and headed to the studio. Ate half the bag of salad, then I got to drawing. I just whipped out the nib and ink and looked through photos and drew friends and wrote out little notes and mantras. Took a while. Did some really thoughtful thinking with no pencil sketches. I was amazed at how good the stuff actually turned out. Not as shakey as could be expected. So did that for a few hours. Ate more salad. Got a rice crispie treat out of the vending machine because my body cannot digest solid vegetable matter. Did some drawings of my mermaid for my animation. I'm cutting the time table close on this. Eek.

Worked on some ink wash drawings for a few more hours as well. Got home at 10:45pmish. Then I got to sewing up my product packaging. It isn't as streamlined as I would like, but it is something. Too bad you'll have to wreck the packaging to get to the shirt. But that is the point.

Now 2:30am has creeped up on me. Have work to do before class. Will it take an hour? Will it take four? Who knows. But I should allow for four. Looks like I'll be listening to lots of The Strain on audiobook. It's a pretty good vampire romp thus far, though the divorced father who is trying to win the affection his son is SOOOOOO Stephen King. Seriously, single father characters going through trials get tiresome.

Anyway. Sleepy time. Then OHMYGODREALLYBUSY48 HOURS. Then it is the weekend again. Yay! I need to adjust my time management skills. Twice I've been in time crunch pickles, and it isn't midterm yet.

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