Friday, October 15, 2010

kitsap grrlz

Mom is in Hawaii! I want to go to Hawaii! Not fair.

Anyway. Thursday. Designated recovery day. Slept in. Ate some gnocchi and Gorgonzola from Trader Joe's. Caught up on Fringe. Season 3 is awesome! All odd numbered episodes take place in the alternate universe where Olivia from our universe is brainwashed to think she is that Olivia. Even numbered episodes have the evil Olivia infiltrating in our world. It is awesome. The episodes have the standard fringe science arc but the added mystery of the two Olivias. It is great.

Community was excellent. Hilarious. The actor who plays Troy has fantastic timing.

Kristen is getting almost better. She washed dishes and I dried. I tied up my room a smidge.

Didn't do much but I have a good idea for what I want to do for my animation. I should get on that in the next couple days, just so I don't rush it and get all stressed.

Oh yeah yoga tomorrow! Gotta remember that. I had to forsake yoga on Tuesday for animation. There was no way to do both and have reasonable time left.

Amazing how I was all "yeah join a gym!" two weeks ago. Where did that enthusiasm go?

I want to go somewhere warm. There is a gap in my window that lets in a perma draft.

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