Saturday, October 16, 2010

making some plans

Uhm today. Yeah. Another lazy day. Went to school for yoga but found it cancelled. Boo! Oh well.

Took a walk to Fred Meyer. Half way through The Strain now. Got some hot dogs and bacon and eggs and other stuff. It was a brisk walk, but refreshing.

Loafed about a lot.

God I'm really bad at productivity.

This whole "no assignments this week, just think about stuff okay?" thing...no good.

Maybe I'll get off my duff tomorrow and go down to school and animate. Would give me an excuse to listen to more audiobook. That would be swell. Need to think of how to make my animation assignment a self portrait. OHHH! I could highlight and animate my trademark jewelry. The symbols of the connections to my family. The watch from dad, the ring from auntie, ring from great grandma, ring from cousin. Yeah! Hmmm. Ideas are good.

Tomorrow night is Matt G's birthday. That might be something to do.

Looking forward to bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow. Eat that! Go animate! Feel good about stuff. Yeah.

Also need to document my teeshirt.

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