Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the stony silence that stops hearts

24 hours! Homestretch!

I lagged in the morning but I ended up just having the perfect amount of time to get everything done and not be rushed. Got to school at 11:45am ish with thermos, pop tart, and apple in hand. Scanned stuff. Photoshopped stuff for about an hour. Listened to The Strain. Gave Dom some feedback on his album sleeve. Got seven photoshops for my "thesis mood display" thing. Not like...composition...just images that give a feeling of the thesis. And stuff. Yeah. Went to Utrecht. Bought a sheet of chipboard. Cut it down. Got to my studio and realized I should have bought two sheets of chipboard. Didn't have time to get another sheet, so I just cut up the back of a used sketchpad. Perfect! Glued my boards together so they made a nice little display set. Wrote out my thesis statement on the back of one of them. And got to class.

All through class hung the air of tension and terror. When Martin is serious, you can feel it. The joking stops, and things get serious and silent. Iskra and Martin are quite the pair. Both are very adept at shoving the blade right into your heart through the ribs. They don't waste time making veal; locking us in cages and feeding us milk while we grow fat and weak and tasty. One person didn't do the board correct (it was really far off from correct) and Martin just told him he was unprepared and should take it down. Naturally I volunteered to go first. I got a pretty good review I felt. The main question was cohesiveness of style.
What also came up:
-playing to my strengths (they were not keen on the ink wash images)
-being as considerate of type as I was of people (Iskra called some of my text "embryonic")
-"I can say that because I know she can draw really well" (Martin in regards to a gasp uttered when he was not in favor of some of my drawings)
-being really conscious of how lines and things depict emotions and stuff
-more comments about my handwriting placement not being up to stuff

After class I asked Iskra for some advice on how to improve the emotional quality of large blocks of text. Normally when I do letting I spend hours doing 6 letters. Doing paragraphs is something else entirely. Tips were to consider negative space and what goes on beyond just the shapes, to study comic artists who do hand lettering, to write with a tool I love, to think of it as texture when it comes to image composition, and other stuff. It was good feedback. Just need to develop my message a bit. This week nothing is due. But I want to practice lettering and read some self help. Need to nail this fish to the wall while it is still flopping, if you get what I mean.

Beth did well. Nice rough sketches. She is responding to dance movements and stuff.
Nicole's idea has changed to some cool mirror stuff.
Kevin's idea isn't about faith anymore. It is about masculine art, but doesn't look at all like my definition of masculine art (but it did have a gun in one of the paintings).
Sivonna had some nice pattern and stuff. She is working on a story that ties into a product line. Quite cool.
Jennifer is making some paper dolls about the female figure and stuff.
Jon's civil war monster survival journal "mood" images were insanely awesome and emotive. Loved them.
Dom's stuff was good. He is doing a guide to urban explorers. Like a how to guide to making books and brewing beer and just hands on stuff he has learned over his life time. Cool stuff.
Leo's images were brilliant. Not much could be said. He was quite clear and knew his direction. Iskra made a point about how saying "like" makes you sound really noncommittal it brings down your whole presentation.
Madeline had some lovely concept work for her children's story. I think that will be beautiful. She is a Corel Painter master.
Jeff had some awesome poster stuff.

I think that is everyone...yeah. It was a good critique day. Very direct, very quiet. We did stick up for one another a bit. Interjecting a "well do you mean this and not this, because the wording is..." and so on.

After that I went to animate. It looks alright. The movement is really jerky. I think I went too small with the paper puppet. Oh well.

Stopped by Safeway to get Kristen some cold medicine. Poor girly is really sick.

Watched Raising Hope. Worked on homework and watched Glee. Great episode! Worked on more homework. Going to finish up homework and drink sleepy time.

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