Friday, October 8, 2010


WHoo Friday!

Kristen's brother Anthony is in town for the weekend.

Got up a little earlier than I did yesterday. Had toast and emergen-c. Ate my sloppy burgers later on as well.

Yoga had some insane hip folds. Like...sustained pigeon and stuff. Friday yoga focuses on longer poses and the "yin" side of things. It was a lot of hard work but it feels good to really work out the body. It was hard getting my bike into the studio because Joey's film set up blocked the entrance to my studio. But it wasn't blocked on the way out.

Kristen, Mark, Anthony, and I went to see Howl at Cinema 21. Howl as in Allen Ginsberg. The film was in part an animated telling of the poem, the court case, reenactments of what preceded the poem, and reenactments of an interview. Ginsberg was played brilliantly by James Franco. It was a special showing. 21 years ago on this day, Ginsberg read in Cinema 21. The showing was presented by Gus Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy, Milk, Good Will Hunting) in person! He introduced the movie and a guy who knew Ginsberg. He also pulled up on Skype James Franco! Who couldn't quite hear us but gave some good feedback about his role.

Anyway, that was really cool and it didn't even cost extra! The film was good as well. It had a great balance in visual styles and the changes between time periods were depicted clearly and were well paced. Good film, aided by having a fabulous introduction. Worth checking out on DVD I say.

Mark treated us to Sushi afterwards. Yay sushi! Now we are enjoying tea. Three days in the weekend left. Time to get cracking.

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