Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dried and ready to go

Last week, the week of blah and anxiety, really screwed up my sleep schedule. Didn't get that much sleep and didn't intake any caffeine. When the after lunch animation screenings rolled around, I fell asleep during one. But I have it written down so I'll check it out when I'm conscious.

Anyway. Got up. Tried blow drying my hair. And surprise surprise when you use a comb and don't dry dense clumps of hair, it actually goes quite quick! Who knew?

Animation was critique of the Dragon stop motion projects. Hill had an amazing Rubik's Cube show down that had a long solving sequence. Ours was well received, especially the focus. It ended up being in a weird format though. Stupid iMovie. Oh well. Oh wait. The critiques happened after lunch. Before lunch Rose gave a nice lecture on the unrreal in animation and we watched some Jan Svankmejer and some stuff from the Brothers Quay. Really surreal stop motion stuff. Good, just surreal.

I got some soup and bread for lunch and sat on the loading dock with Morgaine and listened to a girl drum on plastic buckets. She was really good. The soup, not so much. But I put it in the school fridge to eat later.

It was nice and warm outside, but the animation lab was cold. Spent most of the day in windowless rooms. So yeah, we critiqued and then the teachers swapped out. Anouk showed us how to do joint puppets for our next animation. And she showed us some videos too. That was when I took a nap. Then we worked on our character concepts for the puppet. TJ and Kelly and Anouk and some other classmates all talked about their kids. I've never been in a class with so many parents before.

I stopped in at the print lab and Karen's thesis poster is looking awesomely awesome. BT was helping pull paper. Then I finished my bread and soup and sketched some stuff.

In class we reviewed thumbnails for the first part. I'm doing a snarling self portrait tee shirt. It should be awesome. Once I get it drawn, I'll ask for shirts so that anyone who wants one, can have one. The rest of class was a lecture on portfolio stuff and review of portfolio. I'm a little behind on that, but I'll get cracking. Just need to locate the good quality version files of my artwork.

Walked home with Kristen. Put my feet up. Time to doze off now. Before I knew it, my weekend had started again. Dang.

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