Friday, October 8, 2010

my (thurs)day off

Ahh glorious Thursday. Sleep in. Eat some oatmeal. Went down to Trader Joe's to get some salad and apples and bananas and other stuff. It was a gloomy cold day. Boo. It was warm yesterday. Portland needs to make up its mind. Halibut and salad and orange juice for late lunch.

Chatted with mom on the phone and talked about phone plans and how phones tend to be specific to plans so switching plans would mean getting new phones...most likely.

All but one fish in the fish tank have died. Need to get some more.

Also did some more laundry. Whoo clean stuff!

Then when it was drying I went out for a quick First Thursday trip. Went down to see Monsterbation at Pony Club. It was gory and visceral and naughty, but a really good show. Gnarly theme, good artists. Dom, Sivonna, Jon, and Erin all had pieces in it. Went back to Gann Brothers Publishing to see Robin's work on display. Karen, BT, and Mel were there with snacks. I partook in snacks and then headed back to the apartment for laundry and Community.

Great episode of Community. Chilled for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is work time. Yoga! There is also a Get Stuff Done night at Karen's, but I think the stuff I need to get done wouldn't be done so well there. Time to make a list!

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