Sunday, March 13, 2016

out in the woods

In all the hubbub and excitement of yesterday, I forgot to write I helped a guy jump his Winnebago! He flagged me down at the Bee Mill turn, and since the Cove was right there I figured he wasn't going to murder me (might be a camera, murderers tend to go for more isolated spots) so I helped him out. As I was pulling the backing away from the battery, he told me to be gentle with the lining. I was, but I also am not too in need of the car to be in mint condition. Later Celia mentioned that jumping a vehicle of a majorly different size might not have been good for my engine or something. Err. Well the car continues to run so...yeah? It took a few turns of his key but his car got running again.

Friday I chilled at home. I scrubbed the kitchen floor with Lysol. Yup, the job is taking over. I did laundry. I DID MY TAXES!! So now I wait for the return to get routed straight into my account. Hopefully. I wonder how long that'll take. Hopefully not too long, though my paychecks have started coming in. Looking forward to being solvent again.

Watched telly with Celia in the evening, then slept in. Also has biscuits and gravy. Not as good as I was hoping, but I also used packet gravy and can biscuits. Ate half the supply on Friday and the other half today. Erin stopped by for a bit to say hello. Met Allison, Celia's friend. Went to Dungeons and Dragons. We had a big battle with many enemies. I took a few hits. Got a few good wallops in with my mace. Did a lot of healing. I confused my AC with my health for a hot second, but didn't accidentally declare myself dead. Now I must sleep. Work tomorrow and I think I'm about to lose an hour to daylight savings. Uhg.

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