Wednesday, March 16, 2016

mmm chocolate

The chocolate was pretty good, though in retrospect maybe something had happened to it, and that's why it was left behind. But if it had been fouled, wouldn't it be in the trash? Anyway. Work was good! Turned three rooms, though I didn't make the beds or do the linens, Raechel did it. Without having to do the beds, it's really just cleaning the bathroom and putting stuff back. Did a fluff too. I think I'm managing to make fewer trips up and down. Doing better about making sure I have everything on hand. I did some windows too, and was shown by Raechel how to do the laundry. Just a preliminary, and I was debriefed on towel folding. I worked one hour longer than I usually do, and I have work tomorrow too. Two nice long shifts! Though not extremely long.

Went to Seabeck for a real quick scarf down dinner. Picked up my mail, got two cool things! And two not so cool things. Have a tax remnant to do.

Then it was bee class! So tired by this point in the day. Learned about swarming. Then sat in on a bee association meeting, which was held in the church hall meeting area instead of Stedman's. It just went over some meeting stuff. Then it was finished. Filled up my tank, went home, well got Celia's mail then went home. Swung by Celia's. Scanned the comic I drew during bee class. Now I'm ready to crawl into bed. Nighty night.

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