Saturday, March 19, 2016

keep it clean

On Friday I went off to hang out with Karen and bebbeh and co. I dropped off a few things at the ol' Quilcene USPS. Thea and Roldan were at Karen's. We had a nice sit around and baby talk and regular talk. We five plus Rob went for a walk around the block. Absolutely beautiful view of Mt Rainier and we could even see Seattle from up on high. I drew my comic. Didn't hold Lily this time, but next time I will probably. Made a Trader Joe's run on the way home. Tried out the dill pickle popcorn. Won't buy another bag.

Helped Celia in the evening then went to bed late and slept in late.

I scrubbed the sinks and toilets. Swept the kitchen. I hung my black, red, and white mod bolt of fabric in the library. It covers three of the four existing drapes. I just clipped it up along with those. It's a nice bold flair. And I switched out the table cloth on the circle table, and some of the fabric draped on chairs. Actually. I wonder if I should get more drape clips and put the mod cloth up in the master bedroom as a drape. The ones here don't cover the whole thing, but the red and white isn't opaque and I don't want to cut it just yet. Hmmm.

Bursts of cleaning productivity. I also put away a bunch of clothes and made my bed nice and proper with a few less blankets. Want to be one of those people with a more organized house. I want access to all the drawers in my desk. And I want to pull the rest of the books from the blue shelf, but I need boxes to put them in.

Anyway. Clearing house.

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