Tuesday, March 15, 2016

girl power

 The past 48 hours have been exhausting! Work had me turning two rooms and doing the usual downstairs sweep and vacuum. There was more scheduled but the howling weather prevented me from doing it (outdoors stuff). I was tired from the time shift too. But not as tired as I was expecting to be.

Wind bustled me on the drive home. I went slow and steady and all was good, till the turn off 101. Then branches were down. I stopped to pull some out of the way. I did not pull the downed powerline out of the way. I just verrrrry carefffuuullly drove around it. And it took nearly 25 minutes just to get down my driveway. Lots of stopping to haul multiple branches out of the way to free up the road. And I still had to pull a few from my undercarriage when I was done. The road was covered. And the power was of course out, and obviously would be for a while. I got a fire going, had the one beer remaining in my fridge, snacked and settled in. I went to bed early hopeful that the power would come on at 4am and wake me, but no such luck.

At 9ish I brought the generator down from the garage and got it going on the second pull. See comic:
Now you've seen the comic. I sat outside for a bit and charged my phone (after plugging in my fridge). This is the first time I've bothered with the generator. I'm generally fine with allowing my fridge to warm up a little bit. So I got it going, got the fridge chilling, I did unplug it to make rice to make my "deconstructed sushi" snack (rice plopped in seaweed snacks, a carb loaded filler meal) then I plugged it back in. I made another fire and went through I think four loads of wood, maybe three. I walked (with Corbie) up the road, clearing more branches. Higher up it was pretty good, but there was a lot still to pick up and toss to the side. Power chugged back on at around 3 in the afternoon. 23 hours!!

I had to turn off the septic alarm, but there were not many lights left on. I had pasta for dinner, relaxed, helped Celia, drew a comic. I did one by the lantern light last night, but obviously I could not scan it.

So now I'm going to go to sleep. Tomorrow is a long day. I got a 10-4 work shift and then I haul over to Silverdale for Bee Class 6-8. I'm not going to be able to get a hive going this summer. It's too much financial commitment for me right now. BUT I can learn and can get space ready and learn more, and the class tuition covered membership in the bee society so I can go to their meetings. And maybe I can help someone with their bees and learn that way? Anyhoo. Yeah. It's too much for me to do right now. But that's okay. I'm glad I took the class as a primer.

Mom & Dad, will you be home 5:15ish? Maybe I stop by real quick and get my mail before class? Text me.

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