Tuesday, March 22, 2016

red coat, on a boat

 Had a nice little shift yesterday. Turned a few rooms, other people did laundry and beds. It was an hour shorter to leave time to get to the dock to ride on the Adventuress, a 1913 schooner! Whee! Unfortunately I didn't bring a scarf or hat. I moved them into my closet so they weren't laying out in eyesight, so I neglected to bring 'em. Oops. But I had a raincoat and middle layer. Still chilly. I met Ella one of the other coworkers. It was a business outing, so bosses and coworkers and coworkers family was there too. What a nice thing to do! The schooner was great. New boom, good crew. We sailed back and forth out from Port Townsend. Saw the inn from the water. It was so cold though. Easy to forget how chilly it gets on the water. No buffer. There were coffee and cookies provided, that was great. Mmm. I had some nice chats with people and bosses and all that. Fun to see people out of work. I was wearing my Kate Beaton shirt too.

I took lotsa photos and lotsa selfies. The sun came out for a little spot, and there was a full rainbow from town to water. Beautiful.

On the way home I ate a gas station hot dog and cranked the car heat. I drew my comic and worked to get warm. Didn't catch a cold though, whoo!

Today I worked a laundry shift. So much hauling up and down. Laundry can get heavy, especially when you are holding a folded stack together. Many muscle groups. And Raechel taught me how to fold fitted sheets! I need a bit more practice, but that's a great thing to learn probably. A fleece blanket took damn forever to dry though. Bluh. I took a hard nap when I got home and pitched my Hermit Life comic to a web publication asking for submissions. Chatted with Celia who shared chocolate. Mmm.

Tomorrow I'm seeing a matinee with Ma & Pa and bee class. Nice day out of the house! Then I work on Wednesday, nothing Thursday, then Saturday through Wednesday and then three days off!

Still waiting on that refund check like damn.

Saturday is D&D too. I'm going to be one tired Trill!

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