Friday, March 25, 2016


Had a pretty good day at work. Did two full room turns, including the newly painted room. I also juggled the laundry timing alongside the room cleaning really well. Did a fluff too and the veranda door had blown up. I reported this to the boss so he knew that if the guests said their stuff had been ruffled, it was because of the door.

I listened to hella podcasts. Then it was a weekend! I have five shifts in a row which sucks because I can't take part in the caucus on Saturday. Celia provided with salad and toast dindins and I drew a comic and it was a nice night.

 I slept in, woohoo! Drew the comic earlish in the day, did another sketch, then got started on March's linocut card! It's a dog design, featuring eight very specific dogs. I don't know how I'll incorporate the text as the plan has changed, but I'm pretty happy with how it is shaping up. Got the head shapes all carved out so I just need to be very careful in the next stage. I think on Saturday I'll cruise by an art supply shop and get a new ink pad, because I think the one I've been using is starting to dry up. Course I've used that bad for the Pulali Point prints (100+) the Iris Street House cards (25) the January card (20) and the Valentine's card (25?). So that's a lot of impressions to make, moreso than usual for a stamp pad that would only ink small size stamps. Anyhoo! Yeah, need to get some more ink and maybe count how much bristol paper I have in the block because I might want to print a bunch of these dog cards.

Have a good night. :)

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