Wednesday, March 23, 2016

schnitzel and noodles except there were no noodles

Fun day! I went to see Zootopia with Ma & Pa. We caught the 1:30 matinee and with more discounts on account of it being Tuesday and Mom and Dad having a regal card, all three tickets were fifteen bucks! But we got those after being stuck behind some lady taking forever to get the five dollar ticket, instead of six dollars. Like damn. She had no awareness.

Zootopia was cute. Nice character designs and animation. The trailers for the other kid movies were like gah though. Liek Angry Birds? ANOTHER Ice Age? Blueeehhh.

After the movie we went to Tizley's and I got the spaetzle and schnizle and salad and a cider. Yum yum I love that spaetzle. Afterwards I picked out some of the dirt from under my wheel wells because I didn't want to pick it out at home, though I guess I could have done it outside at home. My mind was in the mode of "don't want to mess up the garage" but dirt is easily swept out. Errr. Hope the big pile of dirt I left behind wasn't too much of a mess if someone has to clean that. Maybe it'll blow away in the night? And there's still more dirt to be cleaned out. It's really packed in.

Bee class was good! It's still such an onslaught of information. There's a second class that's four hands on classes coming up. I'd have to ask for all the Saturday's off. Maybe I should just find a mentorship. Problem with irregular hours: hard to plan long term around and I'd have to ask for allowances. I don't want to be the tricky one to time shifts. Have to decide pretty quick too, as it starts on the 9th. It's only four classes though. Hmmm.

Made a quick Trader Joe's run and went home.

Pitch didn't go through but I got a very nice email back. Might be able to pitch at a later date if I think of something good.

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