Friday, March 11, 2016

Welcome to the world Lily, we love you!

The power went out last night. Stayed off for about 12 hours. So yesterday I worked! Met Raechel who showed me some of the laundry ropes, but not all of them. She took care of the running of the sheets. I fluffed a room, and cleaned two more. The two were next to each other so I kinda tandem went back and forth on a few tasks. One of the rooms had a tub so that was the first time I cleaned a tub. Fun stuff! And the person checked in early, but at that point all I had to do was vaccume and dust. Had lunch. Did some more cleaning. And my shift was over! Hours are picking up. Tomorrow should be my first paycheck! I'm looking forward to having moneys. There are comics I wanna buy. On the way home I stopped by QFC. Bonus of this job: I get out pretty early and now I can run all errands after work. And I wasn't so pooped that I was dead woman walking in the store. I have been able to double up a lot of errands lately, which is nice. I never liked having to haul out for something that took less than 15 minutes to do. At home I worked on my comic, hung out with Celia, and when I got back to my house the power cut out. Damn. The wind was pretty kicking and the rain was coming down. Oh yeah, I also scraped out the ditches a little bit. Just to make sure. 

And all day I was checking my phone for notifications about KB's bebbeh. No bebbeh in the morning or in the afternoon, but in the store it sounded like it was on it's way into the world and I hear my phone go off on the drive home and I pulled over to the side of the road and THE BABY WAS HERE! Oh my goodness and there was a photo and everything. The news is online from Karen & Rob so I think it's fine to blog about it. Don't wanna be that person that spoils the news for them, ya know? Anyway. Yay! 48 damn hours of labor. Poor gal. I stayed home, because after that she needed a good long sleep. No visitors.
Power was out here but not in Seabeck, so I packed a change of clothes and supplies and went out. I was still in my pajamas with a sweater over. In my jammies I hauled branches out of the way on the driveway, and hauled branches out of the way on Bee Mill Road too. Lots of branches. Celia informed me the Hood Canal Bridge was closed due to high winds, so I took the long way around South through Belfair. Not a bad drive on a good day, and even today the weather at that point wasn't so awful. Had some rain but yeah, it was pretty scenic. Listened to podcasts. Filled up in Hoodsport. Still in pajamas. IDGAF. Got to Seabeck. Showered. Dad made grilled cheese. I got delivery confirmation on my Radiotopia backer reward, and Ma and Pa were all "no way the mails here" so I went and got it myself and guess what, IT WAS THERE! My dazzle camouflage shirt and my 99% Invisible challenge coin. It's a hefty coin! Real cool too. Then I packed up again and headed out to Harrison to meet the wee baby.

Lily. Her name is Lily.

Karen's Mom Cheryl was there. I sat by Karen's side and I just loved Lily's little face. We talked baby things and bee things and life things and silly things and birth things and more baby things. Lily is hitting all good points thus far. She's a bit small, but her parent's aren't exactly giants so that's not unusual. I even was allowed to hold her! I held her neck securely and stared at her little face and told her we'd go have adventures and see mountains, and she opened her blue eye a bit and looked at me. And looked to the side. 24 hours old and she's already got throwing side eye down. Good bebbeh.

This is the first really emotional contact I've had to a baby. I've either been too distant to the parent or not in a place to really conceptualize baby having or just...I dunno. I don't hate kids like I used to. I'm not hankering to have them of my own but things have changed in me. Not all of a sudden but recently. I suspect I'll dote on Lily heavily. I already started with when it turned out none of the onesies fit for taking her home, I was like "I'll go get one!" because what an honor to buy the clothes she goes home in? And at Toys'R'Us (where KB&R said to go) they had buy one get one free. Of the newborn size with footies and a zipper, there was a gray one with small whales on it that I thought was cute (and the pocket said big time cutie, which I wouldn't normally like but "big time" will be nice for a pose with BT when he comes up, and it's not like "mommies little darling" saccharine tripe) and there was a soft dotted pink and white sort of terry cloth one, that had an embroidered flamingo and little flamingo faces on the footies. Super cute. So they had silly Trilly provided options. There were plain ones but naaah. This baby is getting birds or whales. But yeah, I was also the 4th other person to hold her! The 4th that wasn't a nurse that is. I stayed with Karen during a break between her mom visiting and when Rob came back from errands. When I left, Cheryl came back.

I've already pulled up my schedule to see when I could next see the wee one. But I also did promise Karen that I'll keep her a cool person, and not let her fall into the mom oubliette.

A lot has happened, I might draw extra comics tomorrow. Because I like representing stuff in comic form. I only have to reach a minimum of making some sort of drawing every day.

Such a big year and it's only the second week of March.

At home I finished the comic, and hung out with Celia and watched some Great British Baking Show while eating tiramisu.

An excellent day.

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