Tuesday, March 8, 2016

mr. fixit strikes again

Slept in. Rest of the weary, though I did spend a few hours lying awake thinking about stuff.

Baby is on it's way...tomorrow morning. 

Today I helped Dad change the brakes on my car! We did the rear and front. Not worn to the bone, but in need of a change. 260k miles on the original pads! I helped hold the new pads on, and held the light. Dad did the hard labor. But I'm happy to learn more skills, or to observe the skills. Too bad repairing requires so many tools.

I got the news that the baby would be coming tomorrow, so I chilled at home. Movie night at Celia's was Hellboy on Netflix, because we couldn't get St. Trinian's 2 to play.

I'm trying to do better about flossing my teeth. They no longer bleed when I floss, so that's good.

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