Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We love you baby!

Still no bebbeh! Should be here tomorrow sometime for sure. Probably.

Went to Harrison to chill with KB before Bee Class. She had been there a while, but looked great in her blue frock. We talked bees and funny things. Rob was there and...SHOOT I forgot Karen's friend who was there. I mean her name. Yeah. It was a nice birthing suite. Had a couch and a view and room for people. I had a salad and chips from the cafeteria for dinner.

I went to Bee Class and caught up on the tests I missed, and got 100% on the spring & summer bee tending tests. There's so much information and it's a bit dryly told. I need more graphics of what the different things they are talking about are. But if I reread it, maybe watch a few videos...I'll get more of it. It's supposed to be less effort than a dog, but there's a lot to be learned! I drew the first three panels during class (I paid attention!) and left the fourth for whatever was going on afterwards.

KB's labor had progressed a bit, and originally I was going to go home but I turned around and stopped by for a hot second. Just wanted to tell her I loved her and she was a superwoman. Next time I see her, there will be a little her.

I made a Target run earlier, and dropped off the kitty food, litter, and dog food at Celia's. She reimbursed. I did a litter scoop and said a few words but I was tired and didn't feel like majorly socializing. Auntie understood.

Finished comic. Now I'm chilling for a bit. I have work tomorrow! Then a few days of nothing, then D&D and then work again.

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