Saturday, April 26, 2014

my final day of work

My final day of work played out in many ways like any day. I counted out a large order of sweatpants (which was my final task). I burned a bunch of screens. I taped up those screens.

But the nice thing was Boss made a little food party happen. Kara brought some pizza and hotdogs and carrot cake back from Costco, so Boss, Ryan, Jeff, JP, Kara, Stu, and I all hung around eating food and chatting and eating some more. I had two slices of pizza and a hot dog, and then half a hot dog later. ALSO Boss got me another giant bag of candy as a going away present! I just finished the last bag last night. This one is an assortment of chocolates. Like Milky Way and Snickers. Mini ones. So spoiled. It was hard no to tear up during the little lunch. Despite the occasional stressful day, it's been a really nice work environment. I was given challenging tasks, my skills were honed, I was treated with respect and never disregarded due to my gender which is huge because it's a blue collar manual labor based job (on top of needing an eye for detail). It's been a good place to work for, and I'm glad I'm leaving on a good note. I ended up closing up the shop, as everyone else went home one by one. So I did have a little cry in the exposure room. I don't know what emotion specifically I was expressing in that moment, just that it all got to me. My final day! And that I'll be missed. Jeff said that he was glad that he worked there while I was working there.

It's been... it's been a thing. I don't know how to really digest it.

It was raining and cold today. Really actual full raining. Almost cleansing rain, if I were feeling more poetic.

A cold, quiet day. With warm plentiful food. Mmm.

Dropped off a few more things at the storage unit. My art folder, my table, some bins. It's filling up. Just gotta leave room for the mattress.

I had a little breather at home, and then I cruised downtown to the Boardwalk to meet up with Ryan, Anita, and Dan for some bowling! Dan also had his last day at work, so it was double celebration. Dan is what is known as being a "good bowler". He has his own ball! The rest of us get gutter balls. Though I did manage a strike! One strike...between two games. Oh well. I like to play, I'm just not very good. But I think that's how I am at a lot of things. I'll do, I'll try and if I don't win. Oh well.

Ryan and I walked around a bit, before I dropped him off at Dan & Anita's. I've got a busy weekend ahead of me! I'm going up to The City to see Robin and to see the Mary Blair exhibit. So it's off to bed with me! Up and at them!

It's a new day, and I'm nearing the end of the Santa Cruz chapter of my life.

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