Monday, April 21, 2014

happy easter, have some hot wings


Got up early so that I could go to the dog beach and hopefully see Janet and Joey. Wanted to give them a hug before I took off. It was a beautiful day for going to the beach, and yet parking was readily available. I bought a doughtnut from the dog beach society people, and found Janet and Joey and Alicia (I think that is her name) and her doggy. Joey got all up in my business and gave me doggy kisses. It was wonderful. I got a few travel suggestions too. I hung around the beach after we parted and grabbed some photos and really took in the surroundings. Lighthouse Field State Beach was the first place in Santa Cruz that I visited way back when. I remember how unfamiliar coming down Ocean Street felt, and now it is all so largely familiar. I feel myself withdrawing some Santa Cruz, and seeing every place as a final visit. Really making sure to do the grand tour on my leaving.

I dropped off some stuff at my storage unit. I need a few more boxes. Well, I think I'll need some file folders more like. I have a lot of paperwork things.

And then after some lunch and lounging, I went up north to Mountain View to see... you guessed it. Garth! What can I say, he is good company. We went to Single Barrel, which was a speakeasy/is a speakeasy themed bar. I've heard about it for years, foremost from Nathan who I think went there shortly before I came down to California. Anyway, they have rules about being soft spoken and polite and no ringtones. And the bartenders talk to you about what you like and make you a cocktail based on that. And damn I got a tasty citrus whiskey drink that was so good, holy crap. Our bartender was just awesome. There was also this special drink that Garth ordered that you can only get from 5-6pm, because it takes 8 minutes to properly shake due to egg white being an ingredient and needing to make it all foamy. And you just can't have someone shake a tumblr for 8 minutes throughout the night. And I had a "Laphroaig Project" which was all kinds of smoky and tasty. I don't remember the name of my first cocktail, but it did have one. Damn good drinking. We had dinner after wards at this Italian place. We split a steak and I opted for a salad side, and he pasta. Salad! Me! Can you believe it?

I introduced Garth to Attack the Block, which he said was "pretty good". I say it's amazing. Love those aliens.


I stuck around in Mountain View. There was an error in locating a place to eat due to forgetting it was Easter and that restaurants would be closed. But an awesome Korean chicken place was open! Nothing says brunch like hot wings and kimchi coleslaw! The extra spicy wings made me start to cry, so I was only able to eat one. But only half the order was super spicy, which was Garth's half.

When I was driving back, I saw a car stopped by a cop right where 17 stops being so winding, and it was have been a fresh pull over because the cars were just starting to slow down to drive around the cars. As I drove South, I saw the cars get increasingly lined up. Those poor drivers. There are few options of getting off 17 once you are on it. I've never been stuck in heinous 17 traffic. I'm always going the other way when it happens.

I packed and packed and watched TV and packed some more. Got a few things in my car, and filled up a few boxes but not all the way. I need to sort through my drawers of things next, because I can just move the drawers without storing away whats in them. Just have to make sure they aren't things I want on my journey, just as paper and art supplies.

Do you know if it is possibly to jury rig a bike lock to a car steering wheel to make it so people can't break into your car and drive it away? Like those anti theft stick things. My goal for travel is to make it so I won't have anything in my back seat when I'm parked to make people want to break into my car. So cooler + clothes + technology + art supplies + bedding need to all fit in the truck.

Gotta pack gotta pack gotta pack

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