Wednesday, April 23, 2014

it's only Tuesday but it feels much later in the week

Bought yet another little multi folder folder thingy. Those plastic ones with dividers. I love using them to organize things. This one is for the trip, for stickers and coasters and flat knickknacks. Also documents. And I treated myself to Chipotle for dinner because I worked late. I went through all the stuff on my end table and tossed a bunch of clutter, and pulled some things to put in my car to take to storage tomorrow. I spent a good long while organizing and it didn't seem like I did much, but I did something. I also cleaned out my tackle box and rinsed it. Now it'll get the chosen art supplies stored into it!

Hopefully I get out of work tomorrow with more time in the evening with which to pack and sort. I think once I get the shelves out, it'll really feels like something. I almost have the one by the side of my desk emptied.

It'll get there. I still have art on my walls and my furniture, so it doesn't seem caved out. Just gotta keep doing it and working on it. Also since I have plans for this weekend that remove me from Santa Cruz, I gotta be extra productive!

Work? Well I weeded and coated and reclaimed and burned and taped. We got a new table in the office and a shiny new computer for doing shiny computer things. The sun was out but it was windy, so I was in shorts and a hoodie. Though the hoodie came off every once and a while.

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