Thursday, April 24, 2014

3/5ths of the way done

Got one of my rolling shelves packed away, and a box with some more books, and a tub with clothes and stuff. Things are really starting to empty out here. I need to do some laundry. Wash my sheets. Then I can pack those away. I swung by Target and got some more tubs, and a three tiered portable thingy was on sale, so I grabbed that for art supplies. I will be so set on toting art supplies! Stoked. Things are coming together. More things are leaving my room every day. It'll be easier to organize things now that so much has been removed from the equation.

So yeah, good progress is being made! I've got a week. I've got this. I don't want to take the art down yet, but I will have to soon. Under my bed are a few flat boxes, my art portfolio, and that drafting table. I need to get those out, so I can dismantle the bed frame.

Bit by bit!

Work. I caught a job and ran it for a bit while Jeff mixed ink. And I did heat presses on these saftey vests. And coated screens. It was another full day. Vests take a lot of time. Oh! I also counted in this job that had so much random stuff. Did a tally of everything and hopefully the counts work out. It'll be ran after I'm gone. Kinda sad setting up stuff that I'll never see finished. The shop work goes on.

Two more days.

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