Monday, April 21, 2014

four days left at work

Dropped stuff off at my storage unit after work. A quick trip, but not quick enough because Palace Arts was closed before I could get to them to pick up some stuff. Womp wooomp. Tomorrow.

I was tired all damn day. I think I'll go to bed early just so I can let my body fully rest. I stayed up late packing and sorting and tidying. Sleep schedules are important.

We ran the zipper fronts on these sweaters which took a while because we wanted to do a really good job of it. I also did this banner and coated a few screens and started work on vinyl. Pulled a full shift!

Did a Trader Joe's run. Had some pre-made spring rolls because I was feeling lazy. Had a nice chat with Jeff. A rejuvenation day. Tomorrow I want to do a supply run and get my packing on once again.

Things are starting to feel...packed away.

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