Friday, April 25, 2014

and tomorrow is Friday and then that is it

Got all the stuff out from under my bed! Yay! And I did two loads of laundry, so my sheets can get packed away. I got my art off the closet doors. My room is really starting to empty out, and I have days left. So that's awesome. Saturday I have plans up in The City with Robin, and Friday I might be going bowling with Anita, Dan, and Ryan, and others. But I feel pretty good about where I am, productivity level, so I can allow myself some social ness. The next step is packing away the little things. I need to get all the stuff out of the way so I can "yes" or "no" the remaining things properly. AHhh!!! Dang.

It's really cooking now!

And tomorrow is my LAST day of work! LAST! I'll be done. After almost very nearly 2 years. I'll be leaving Cadillac Designs. It doesn't seem like much, but 2 years of hard labor with very specific and broad knowledge.

Today I was on heat pressing duty. Heat pressed safety vests and heat pressed jerseys and weeded a bit. It ended up being a shorter day, which was good as it gave me some time.

And tomorrow is my last day. Oh what a ride it has been!

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