Tuesday, December 10, 2013

two weeks till holidays, not that I'm counting

Damn. How is it already midnight? Well I guess working a full 8 hour day when you start at 10:30 really kills your evening.

I printed the fronts on the job, and boss printed the backs. Which was nice because it took some fussing with and I'm glad I didn't have to be on the shirt side of the job. Jeff did embroidery. Ryan did reclaiming. We are working on figuring out how to run the studio sans Andrew and plus Ryan. Kinda have to renegotiate how to do things, and find out everyone's systems so that things don't get lost.

Also apparently the studio was 27 degrees in this morning, but when I arrived it was warmer due to the dryer being on. When I cooled the dryer down, it was the fasted cool down I've ever seen. Normally it takes like 20 minutes, but I swear it was off in 5.

I started listening to the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast. No slight on you Mom, it's just interesting women's history stuff, and also just general womensy stuff. Learning!

It's so cold in Santa Cruz. I need to find my leggings. Why does it feel so much colder here? Well my room doesn't retain heat worth a damn, sooo.


Have any of my packaged arrived up in Seabeck yet?

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Anonymous said...

It has not gotten above freezing here it seems like two weeks. It is supposed to warm up but snow then rain, bad combination. Yes, two packages have arrived.