Wednesday, December 11, 2013

and now: poetry!

Feeling a little bit better today. A little bit of Googlin' does a girl good about certain things. Have to itemize what needs to be done with certain plans. Secretive!

And a good chat with your mother. That can do a girl good as well.

Work was dull. I've been told not to listen to my MP3 player as it is a distraction. Of course sans it, I still made an error. I dunno. I get it when it comes to being in a busy studio, but if I'm just doing my own thing for a length of time, why not? It gives me peace of mind and it makes the time pass. Today was just...like. Uhg. I don't like being in my head that much. But guess I gotta do what I'm told.

This job is the only thing really keeping me in Santa Cruz. What is that tipping point of job satisfaction versus home dissatisfaction?

I bought my ticket for The Hobbit! Yay!

Then I spent the rest of the night sort of by myself in my room. People were home and chatting and stuff, but I didn't feel up to being social. I'm not in a good mood these days. I kinda just want to be left alone, but I also want company. I think I want the company of people that are too far away.

My yellow nail polish is making me happy though. It's a really nice color and the clear top coat is preserving it nicely! I came up with this poem by way of browsing my nail polish colors:

racy red sheer satin slip
hot magenta gunmetal
blue me away!

Kara made a Costco run for work supplies, and I suggested that she get hot dogs. And she got hot dogs! Well Chris told her to get hot dogs after I told him to tell her. Everyone was super stoked on the hot dogs. Point to me for taking the hot dog initiative!

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