Saturday, December 14, 2013

can't tell you nothin'


Didn't do so bad on the whole sleep thing.

Oh and The Hobbit was AWESOME! So much fun. The barrel escape is still going through my mind.

But yeah, wasn't so tired at work. Jeff called in sick. I accidentally burned a few screens (couldn't locate the other screens and thought they had been reclaimed. Oops, well I had shown boss that I hadn't located the screens, so he did say to burn them). And I weeded vinyl and did heat pressings. That took a while, though I did end up getting out early.

After work I drove up to Ikea, which is in Palo Alto. I got some meatballs. Because one ALWAYS starts an Ikea trip with meatballs. I knew what I was there for, but still I wandered the market. One never know what they didn't know they needed. In this case I bought some glasses to supplement the cabinets at home. I bought the frames that my Christmas print is going to go into.

Returned home. Worked on my To Do list. Went to sleep.


Slept in, which maybe I shouldn't because I had tons of stuff to do today. But oh well. Had some oatmeal and tea. Did my makeup:

Then I went downtown and... did some Christmas related things. Things that I can't mention because it would give away the surprise. But I really like what I did. Haha.

Went home. Made pasta. Ate it all, even though the box probably said 2 servings. It was too late to go to Trader Joe's for food stuff, so I'll do that tomorrow. Then I'll spend a lot of time drawing! And maybe doing another shopping errand. But I have lots of drawing to do, and it must be done!

Damn. Next weekend I'll be headed home for the holidays! I need to figure out my sixties makeup! Waahhh!

Maybe I'll go bother the ladies at Ulta. Get some false eyelashes. That was a part of the 60s, right? False eyelashes? That Twiggy look. Hmmm.

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