Sunday, December 8, 2013



SOooo. My nerd errand. I was meeting up with some other Cabin Pressure fans over in San Martin, California. See the show is going to have a final episode, and all the fans across the world are getting together to make a "thank you!" video for the show creator. So me and Robin, the other NorCal yet not San Francisco Cabin Pressure fan had a little meeting over at this little airport in San Martin. Near Gilroy. I got up nice and early and drove over. The weather was good and the hills were nice. Gilroy is really proud of its garlic.

Anyhoo. Met up with Robin, fellow Cabin Pressure fan, at the Magnum Aviation place over in San Martin. Me her, and her husband Ray, and we took a couple nerdy pictures with the planes. Basically we'll submit the photos and they'll be compiled into a video/thing (I suppose). It's a nice way to get together all around the world and show someone their work is appreciated. Either way, it is nice to get out of the house.

I got a bit lost driving back from Gilroy, and ended up in Salinas before turning back to Hollister. Still, I was in no hurry and I got back home by noon. Then I was left with the rest of the day, in which I had gotten up early, to be productive! So I walked down to Palace Arts and procured my secret santa gift exchange gift, as well as some other gift exchange stuff. For the first time in my life, I had shown up at a store without my wallet! So I had to have them hold my stuff. I walked back to my place, grabbed my wallet, and walked back. I'm generally so good at be prepared for stores.

Afterwards I worked on correspondence and ate some pasta. I went to bed early because I was tired.


I woke up at 9:30, and decided that was too early and went back to sleep.

At 1:30pm, I got up and had some breakfast. Well, lunch maybe? I worked on more cards writing. I got some food. No crock pot this weekend. I made some snowflake decorations for the window. I itemized what had to be done in the near future. It's looking less busy now, so that is good! Just have to make my Christmas print and buy the frames.

Saturday was relatively productive, and Sunday was very much not. I guess it balances out?

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