Thursday, December 12, 2013

back to Mirkwood

I painted my nails with a coat of blue then a coat of purple. Made a really nice shade. I need to start layering and play with that more! Nail polish. So much fun. Did you know sales of nail polish and red lipstick go up when the economy is down? Makes sense, as they are little vanity purchases. It's easier to buy than, say, a whole new set of makeup or something.

Work was all right. I miss my tunes, though I got a chance to listen to some while coating screens. I did the heat press thing. I double coated a screen. I taped screens. I counted in shirts for several orders.

Not a full day, which was nice. Finally got out a little early instead of late.

Got home. Had some dinner. Did some laundry. Now I shall go see The Hobbit!! Obviously I'm blogging now because I'll be getting home at 3 and I get up at 8ish for work SOOO.

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