Saturday, June 22, 2013

time for sleep, though not the sleep of the dead

Ohh my eyes. I can't stay up like I used to. Though this is brain power stay up.

SO CLOSE! But my mind can't take it anymore. I'd really be loathed to disappoint Odd Owl, but damn After Effects is a lot of work. Finessing is work. Building scenes is work. Holy crap how do people do this for a living!

I like my job as is. I show up, there is stuff to do. There is a variety of stuff. There is problem solving, but not "WHY IS ADOBE DOING THIS THING????" problem solving. We ran a discharge job, and a 8 color back. Now that we have spec sheets, rerunning jobs is going to be a lot easier. There is more of a system for keeping things and people in the loop.

Worked a nice 38 hours this week, which is exactly what I wanted to do while also doing a music video. Can you point out the sarcasm? Still, hours are good. I remember when I started work, there were a couple long vacations that happened, so that lost me some hours right at the start. Now after many months of solid work and that raise, I'm getting nicely ahead in a way that was hard to do for many months.

Next Friday is Neil Gaiman! AHHH!

At home I worked. It's stupid how little movements can take SO MUCH work.


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Anonymous said...

Just do the best you can with the time you have.