Thursday, June 20, 2013

waaaaah crunch time

It's 2:37am. I'm going to get a few more animations in, nothing final but just a touch of something so that it is there.

I'm REALLY happy with how the ladder and clouds are looking. Less so with the walks. But with all of them touched on today, I can spend tomorrow drawing the rest of the assets, trying some more walks, and just working on tweaks. Only four more...ahg no, I'm going to sleep after this. My eyes are bugging.

Okay. I've rendered all the scenes as they are. Thats good. I think. Tomorrow is already Thursday! So okay goal will be to have all the assets drawn. Then I can start finalizing. I really need a better looking quail. Hmm.

I really wish work would let me out earlier, but it's been a full week. Today I cut and weeded vinyl, burned and taped, caught a bit, did a banner. It went by pretty fast, though damn does it ever take up a lot of time.

And I can't exactly pull an all nighter to work on this project. Work is important!

Carmen's backgrounds look so good.

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