Sunday, June 16, 2013

secondary concerns

It took me all day to do something that should have just taken till the afternoon, at the latest. Those installs take time. Damn you Adobe. But it worked. It managed to edit and render.

I got up early even! Good thing, because it wasn't set to go till later. I worked a bit. Then I took a break to get a nice pot for my jade plant, and some proper soil to repot it in. I spoil my plant, I really do.

Headed down to Pro Build which had an awesome plant center. Well it had lots of plants, everything smelled nice, the pots were really good, and everyone was friendly. So that was awesome in my books. Maybe it didn't have the immense variety that some of the Pacific Northwest nurserys have, but it was still nice. There was a $34.99 pot that was beautiful but I just couldn't justify buying, so I went with an orange one. Most of my decor is in primary colors, but a green plant should be in an orange pot. It's just common sense...and I can a smaller red pot for a cutting. So there is still some primary. It was a lovely warm day, so I'm glad I got outside for at least a little bit.

Back at home I got to work and I worked worked worked and it went really well. Got all the bits where they needed to be and ... well I had to do one more reinstall. So I did that, ate dinner, got some candy for my efforts. I just need to make sure that the reinstalls, when they happen, happen during times when I can afford to take a break. Next week will be crazy busy, gotta get a lot of bits done. Thankfully Carmen is doing the coloring.

Speaking of which, her colors look GREAT thus far. Like holy cow. Love it. This video will look great, I'm sure.

Got the animatic all done, and the schedule says that I am to wrap up the animatic on Saturday, so hey. On schedule, that is good!

Tomorrow I will figure out how exactly to attack the next part of the game. The end game. The final animation. Though lots of the shots are short, and some just have a couple bits of animations. Either way. Waaaahhh!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your jade looks so healthy! It is loving Santa Cruz too. The new orange pot is bee-utiful. hugs, mum