Wednesday, June 19, 2013

you're a turkey lance

1am and still working. But that is good. Things are looking good. Sorta. I'm at a point where I'm wondering what the best option is to take OH that is a better option. Erm. Yeah. Anyway.

Work was hectic and all over the place. Catching towels! Cleaning squeegees for the discharge job! Oh now I'm burning and then cleaning and reclaiming, but oh I have to clean the screens from the discharge job because we can't leave the ink in the screen, and omg why are there so many screens???? By the end I was quite waterlogged and cross eyed.

I had a very nice shower when I got off work. Had so much risidual ink. Straight into jammies! And then straight to work.

Wheeee. Okay blogging break over.

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