Tuesday, June 18, 2013

and it is only Monday, but things can still go wrong

The part of the night where my eyes sorta wanna fall out of my sockets. Too much computer looking at. But hey!! I got 5 segments animated! Out of 23. Okay they were easier segments, but it got me feeling really good. And I got out of work late too. Just gotta keep plugging away. Five a night will get me done by the deadline. But hopefully I can do it faster than that. Booyah.

Work was busy and all over the place. Burning screens! Pressing hats! Unboxing bags and reboxing pressed bags! Taping screens! Double coating screens & hardening them for discharge! Cleaning out a discharge screen! It was a chock full day.

And a full night. But I feel really good about it. Yay.

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